Palmetto Elementary School

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Poinciana, FL 34759

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2020-2021 grants awarded from Duke Energy and Polk Education Foundation

The monies that we received ($3000) were used to put in a Butterfly Garden and also do some maintenance on our existing hydrogarden!  This allows more students to benefit from planned STEM activities, help kids connect their Florida State learning standards to hands on work and allow them to watch their hard work grow before their eyes.  Our hope is to get kids engaged in not only STEM, but also learning outside of the classroom.

Putting in a butterfly garden at the school is engaging project for the kids and teachers to be involved in of all age and grade levels. Students are able to get out of the classroom, get their hands dirty and participate in hands on learning while working as a team in the gardens.  Students can see how the life cycles and migration of different species of insects interact and grow in real time, along with planting and maintaining different native and non native plant species.

Also this year, 3 EiE (Engineering is Elementary) Curriculum units were purchased for the school through both Duke Energy and Polk Education foundation monies which will help enrich the current curriculum and Florida Standards that is taught in the classroom with many hands on activities.

Now you’re cooking: Designing Solar Ovens

Growing up: engineering Vertical Farms

An Alarming Idea: Designing Alarm Circuits

Palmetto Elementary’s goal is to not only educate their minds, but to engage students in projects that have purpose and a visual outcome of success.  The skills learned while working on these projects will be taken out of the classroom and get them excited about STEM and future careers.