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destinyDestiny is used for the Polk County Schools district library catalog. By clicking on the Destiny icon, you can browse the entire media center collection. If you want to check out a book,
contact the media specialist with the title and name of the author.

About our Media Center

Palmetto Elementary is an AR (Accelerated Reader) School. AR is a wonderful incentive program that entices students to READ! The program works in conjunction with STAR Reading to help students read on a level that is comfortable for them. It allows them to be successful in therefore helping them to achieve personal success, and earn points while reading. We have divided the points into nine levels. At the end of each month, we examine each students reading progress and the points are awarded. The students (in keeping with our Knight Theme) move up the incentive ladder as follows:About our Media Center

Jester 5-9.9 points
Peasants 10-29.9 points
Serfs 30-49.9 points
Squires 50-79.9 points
Wizards 80-99.9 points
Sirs 100-299.9 points
Bronze Knights 300-399.9 points
Silver Knights 400-499.9 points
Golden Knights 500+ points

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Upcoming Events

all-day Grades Due
Grades Due
Mar 30 all-day
Additional Information: School Calendarsr
7:30 am About Face Awards @ Bartow Civic Center
About Face Awards @ Bartow Civic Center
Apr 4 @ 7:30 am – 10:30 am
Description of Event: Awards honoring students that have made changes in their grades, behaviors and attitude.r r Contacts for Event: Erin Martinez


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